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  • Haz hashtags en tus entradas

    Te gusta escribir #hashtags? Puedes agregar tags (#vacaciones, #sueños, #verano) a través de tus entradas para contactar a más gente. Cuáles son los beneficios del hashtag? Los hashtags son como etiquetas, que ayudan a los visitantes a encontrar el contenido que buscan acorde a sus intereses. El uso de hashtags puede optimizar el éxito de tus entradas, que contacte a tu audiencia principal, así que te lo recomendamos Un consejo: Utiliza los hashtags para describir de qué se trata tu entrada.

  • Haz crecer tu comunidad de Blog

    Mediante Wix Blog, no solo puedes compartir tu voz con el mundo sino que también puedes hacer crecer tu comunidad online. Los lectores pueden convertirse en miembros activos de tu blog, y compartirán sus pensamientos y opiniones en él para descubrir al mismo tiempo más gente con sus mismos intereses. Descubre a todos tus miembros Los lectores pueden fácilmente registrarse para convertirse en miembros de tu blog y crear una página personal de su perfil. Los miembros pueden seguirse unos a otros, pueden ver los perfiles de los demás miembros, ver sus Likes y comentarios; y recibir notificaciones. Puedes ver todos los miembros del blog al hacer clic en el ícono de los Miembros en la barra para iniciar la sesión. Consejo: Para encontrar miembros individuales, utiliza la barra de búsqueda de Miembros y organiza acorde a opciones. #soñar

  • Agrega escritores a tu blog

    Al agregar escritores, le brindas más frescura y amplías el contenido de tu blog. Tanto si manejas un pequeño negocio, o una gran revista de publicación; al agregar múltiples escritores puedes hacer crecer tu contenido y mantenerlo diversificado. Sabes lo que dicen respecto al contenido: es el Rey. Así que cuánto más diverso y más voces sumes al tema; es más posible crear una comunidad con opiniones. Puedes convertir a cualquier miembro en un escritor y organizarlos. Los escritores pueden crear nuevas entradas y administrar sus comentarios. Así es cómo lograrlo: Dirígete a la página de miembros Busca al miembro que quieres convertir en escrito Haz clic en el perfil del miembro Haz clic en los 3 puntos suspensivos en el botón Siguiente Elige Configurar como escritor

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    HOW WE WORK To shape the future of poverty alleviation, community transformation and social change, we are committed to including the imperative of personal and collective transformational change, christian value teaching, regenerative leadership culture, and wholistic sustainable development as a common thread in all our programs and processes. round tables model TRANSFORMA'S roundtable approach is a proven method for getting people to engage with one another, discover ideas, promote change and collaborate. It encourages authentic conversations and emphasizes the application of ideas through action. Participants gain relational, soft and life skills as well. It invites them to understand key concepts for personal and collectiveTRANSFORMATIONAL CHANGE and for social impact. Our commitment is to provide this education to under resourced and under trained marginalized women. ​ 24/7 LIT original framework LIFE affirming, PEOPLE centred, STRENGTH BASED approach. It encourages wholistic sustainable development in 4 key areas of life and in 7 key areas of development. It creates a powerful platform for marginalized women for SELF AWARENESS, SELF LEADERSHIP, SOFT/TECHNICAL SKILL TRAINING, FINANCIAL EDUCATION, COACHING, ENTREPRENEURIAL CAPACITIES, VALUE LEARNING, REGENERATIVE practices and more. ​ ​ REGENERATIVE COMMUNITIES This is the place where impoverished women feel safe to share ideas, grow, build networks and dream of a more equitable, just shared future together. ENTREPRENEURIAL capacity building To help impoverished women develop agency to break cycles of poverty and provide new pathways for their children and future generations. ADVOCACY More than ever, the awareness of our inter-connectedness and inter-dependance challenges us to re-imagine the world and re-invent solutions together. To learn more about our original frameworks or to bring us into your project as consultants or hosts...


    CASA TRANSFORMA NO WOMAN, CHILD, IMMIGRANT LEFT BEHIND Women, children and immigrants in extreme/ultra poverty disproportionately bear the brunt of the sufferings that come with social injustice. COVID-19 has highlighted the growing challenges. The best help we can give them is a long-term, wholistic approach and wraparound programs to facilitate their development. ​ Poverty and Social Vulnerability Crime, Violence and No Security Under Education lowering Access to Opportunities Housing Shortage and Overcrowding Lack of Safe and Dignified Job Opportunities Low Access to Healthcare TAKING CARE OF THE ULTRA POOR These subgroups have greater challenges. Composed by unskilled unemployed mothers head of households, women survivors of domestic violence rebuilding their lives, undocumented immigrants, unemployed young single mothers and elderly grandmothers suffering, along with their children , from: f ood insecurity, u nderpaid jobs, i rregular income, l ack of healthcare, i nadequate housing, l ack of education, job skills and in digital exclusion. Here are some of the challenges our beneficiaries suffer: Human Rights Violations Domestic Violence against women and children We are taking action, so that NO ONE IS LEFT BEHIND Self and skill discovery Job and skill training Entrepreneurial education for self employment Financial training to build and sustain micro businesses Teaching of vital values and human rights to build strong families and society Promotion of gender equality Advocacy to tackle the constraints that limit their progress and make a space for their voices with governmental agencies and society for the issues affecting them and their next generations Training in conflict and peace-building skills Anti-human trafficking and prevention activities that enable women involved in prostitution and drug addiction to exit these situations and reintegrate into society. This happens through a holistic approach to restoration, skill development and learning communities made out of women from all walks of life and social status. Community awareness by promoting inclusion, standing against discrimination and addressing common misconceptions about those who have been involved in the commercial sex trade to earn a living. Training of local volunteers and other non profits organizations working in social justice. Social responsability/Volunteer hours. Each woman is asked to give 3 hours a month to participate in social responsability. Activities such as: the massage therapy students going to a home for elderly people, the manicure students to prison for women, the sewing students to food bank. We support other organizations that work with women in prostitution, drug addiction or leaving prison by giving scholarship to their participants for our courses. Outcomes & Benefits In our latest survey we discovered that women who had participated consistently in our programs in the last 3 years had experienced the following: ​ Spent more time studying and working, impacting their own children's progress and bettering family dynamics Felt more productive, confident and hopeful Became providers for their households and went hungry fewer days Had less stress, leading to mental and physical health improvement Many opened a savings account for the first time, learned how to administrate resource, and had money to invest in micro-businesses for survival Improved their relationships with neighbours and became interested in the progress of their community Had a greater awareness of their need to invest in education Felt more capable to handle emergencies and other challenges ​ ​ On average, our women have significantly more assets and savings than they did before joining TRANSFORMA. Other Efforts Year round, TRANSFORMA helps families in extreme poverty with food and other supplies to help provide for their families as they move towards a better future. Food bank TRANSFORMA ensures access to quality education and vocational trainings for dozens of children, young mothers, as well as mature and elderly women. School Tuiton fundraising In alliance with other organizations, TRANSFORMA contributes to practical projects that benefit our entrepreneurs who are working towards starting micro-businesses for survival. Building projects Throughout the year, TRANSFORMA offers seminars to students and families within the community. These include parenting and childcare workshops, addiction and sex trafficking prevention classes, leadership trainings, and community development seminars. Workshops and Community Seminars Free of charge, TRANSFORMA welcomes mothers to bring their small children to their training classes to eliminate the financial burden and coordination hurdles of child care. Child care

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